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Mexico's Best Surf Trip Destination


Punta Mita offers more than a dozen main breaks facing various directions which means you can always find quality surf no matter the direction of the swell or wind. This results in the year-round consistently good surf that makes Punta Mita Mexico's best surf trip destination. Additionally, the diversity of the Nayarit surf spots promises something for experienced and beginner surfers, shortboarders, longboarders, paddle boarders and body boarders. Best of all, many of these top Mexico surf spots have no, or very limited, land access which keeps most of them very uncrowded.

To get to these largely secluded breaks, simply walk out your door and grab one of the experienced surf guides waiting to take you in their boat or use our detailed guide which will direct you to these unmarked and largely restricted-access breaks by foot, taxis or buses.

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Punta Mita Surf

Punta Mita, Nayarit is home to many of the longest and least crowded point breaks in Mexico. Due to the westerly-pointing curvature of its coast, there are always surf breaks ideal for the current conditions which results in generally good to great spring, summer, fall and winter surf. Swells from all directions wrap around these reefs and create lined up perfection for 100+ yards ranging from slower but rippable surf on smaller swells to barreling perfection on larger swells.

Consistency is the reason Punta Mita is Mexico's best surf trip destination. In order to try to give you the most accurate expectations, we polled 5 local surf guides and instructors who have been surfing Punta Mita on a near-daily basis for at least 3 years and here is the average of their responses:

Like at home, no matter the season, a good session can have more to do with knowing where to go in any given conditions than the conditions themselves. We've compiled all of the reliable publicly-available info on Punta Mita and Sayulita surf below. However, a much more extensive guide will be provided to those who stay with us. By keeping this information "in the family" we can increase our guests' access to less crowded and better surf and live in better harmony with the local surf community. This information is in a detailed booklet we have compiled and is only available in our units. It contains the best insider knowledge for: the needed swell size and best swell and wind directions for the below and many more breaks, where to get our insider rates for boards and boats, detailed directions on how to walk, bus or taxi to hidden and restricted-access breaks and much more.

Punta Mita / Nayarit, Mexico's Surf Map and Info

(As stated above, a more extensive guide to break locations is available in our units.)

(Click on image for a larger map of some of Mexico's best surf breaks.)
punta mita and sayulita, Mexico surf break map

(As stated above, a more extensive guide to break info is available in our units.)

El Anclote:
Access: Right in front of the condo's private beach access
Best for: Longboard
Main Direction: Right 
Quality: Good beginner break; easy and long
Tide: Low is best.
Notes: Typically offshore, breaks most of the time. Nice place to get wet while relaxing between more challenging sessions. (Our rental board contacts will let you trade your shortboard for a longboard and back again for no charge.)

La Lancha:
Access: Boat or 30-minute sandy walk
Best for: Longboard, shortboard
Main Direction: Right and lefts
Quality: Good longboard wave
Tide: Low and incoming is best.
Notes: Works when everything else is flat. Gets crowded on weekends and afternoons.

El Faro:
Access: Boat from condos or 30-minute rocky walk
Best For: Shortboard, longboard
Main Direction: 3 different long rights
Quality: Can be great
Tide: Low is best.
Notes: Typically offshore, can get hollow. Can be very, very long rights when working. Can get crowded but has three different peaks which spread out the line-up. Go early, can blow out later.

The Cove:
Access: Boat from condos or 50-minute rocky walk
Best For: Shortboard, longboard
Main Direction: Long right, shorter left
Quality: Good
Tide: Most
Notes: Typically bigger than other breaks. Go early, can blow out later.

Access: Boat, bus or taxi from condos
Best For: Shortboard, longboard
Main Direction: Longest is right but left can work well too.
Quality: Consistently good
Tide: Most
Notes: Good consistent break. Can miss direct souths. Can get more crowded with locals on weekends. Land access is tough to find.

Access: Boat, bus or taxi from condos
Best For: Shortboard
Main Direction: Mostly right
Quality: Good
Tide: Most
Notes: Fast and hollow, can pitch steep.

Los Veneros:
Access: Boat, bus or taxi from condos
Best For: Shortboard, longboard
Main Direction: Rights and lefts
Quality: Good
Tide: Low is best.
Notes: Can get fast and hollow on the inside. Sharp reef, keep your feet up. Land access is on-and-off restricted.

Access: Bus or taxi from condos
Best For: Shortboard, longboard
Main Direction: Fast lefts, rolling rights
Quality: Can get very good.
Tide: Low is best.
Notes: Gets crowded but is worth the drive in part to enjoy the beautiful town and views. Best on west or north.

San Pancho (San Francisco):
Access: Bus or taxi from condos
Best For: Longboard, shortboard
Main Direction: Left
Quality: Good
Tide: Most
Notes: Can be great if uncrowded but is a popular place for the local surf camp in the winter months.

Central Nayarit:
Central Nayarit (north of Punta Mita) has quite a few breaks as well (mostly lefts), however, they are less consistent and have no central launching place as they are spread out over 30-plus miles of semi-inhabited and not always well-kept roads. But, if you're one of those people that just can't sit still in paradise, some of these breaks could be a fun daytrip:

Sayulita (20 minutes north): see above.

Ostiones (20 minutes north): A good left point break most days, best accessed by boat.

San Pancho (25 minutes north): see above.

Chacala/La Caleta (40 minutes north): Great lefts, easiest accessed by boat. Can get very crowded due to a local surf school.

Santa Cruz (an hour and fifteen minutes north): A river mouth break with consistently good lefts on a south west swell.

Aticama (an hour and twenty minutes north): Mostly groundswell, left point break.

Matanchen Bay/Las Islitas (about an hour and a half north): Claims to be one of the longest breaks in the world when it's working. Good beginner break, best in the summer.

Stoners (about an hour and a half north): Hollow right point break, amazing when it's going. Best in summer.

Again, we look forward to providing you a more extensive guide as our guests.